Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?

For your convenience, a membership application can be downloaded by clicking


Prospective members are also required to submit copies of their certifications (EMT, CPR, etc.) and have a background check performed by WVAA using the information provided in the completed application. Once completed, the application can be emailed to:

You may also submit your application in person or by mail. Upon receiving the completed application, it will be reviewed and an interview will be scheduled ASAP.

Do I need special training or experience?

No prior experience is necessary!

Visit our EMT Courses tab for more information about how to become a certified EMT.

All active members are required to maintain a current State of Connecticut EMT certification or Paramedic license.

WVAA assists members in obtaining the various courses needed to maintain their EMT certification or Paramedic license.

What shift(s) can I volunteer for?

We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. WVAA embraces a self-schedule model for volunteers! This allows you to choose when to volunteer around your other commitments!

Do I have to live in Wolcott?

Wolcott residency is not required! More than half of our members reside in surrounding towns.

Many of our members leave right for work or school after pulling a shift or come in for a shift after getting out of work or school! Our headquarters has bedrooms and shower facilities.

Why did I receive a bill if this is a volunteer organization?

WVAA incurs operational costs just like any other business. We are a non-profit organization. All monies collected goes to offset expenses such as vehicle maintenance, medical supplies, insurance, fuel, etc. WVAA is a combination volunteer and paid staff service. Where volunteers are unavailable, paid staff is utilized to ensure proper coverage for the town at all times!

Most patients have medical insurance. Our billing service will always try to bill the insurance company first. If you are having difficulties paying your bill, please call 1-800-258-3902 or log onto

Please understand WVAA does not set the price for ambulance transportation. This fee is set by the State of Connecticut and is based on the level of care provided to the patient.