As of January 1, 2020:

EMR, EMT and AEMT personnel are required to comply with the NREMT National Continued Competency Program of continuing education. A person who completed a traditional refresher but did not meet other requirements may count the hours from the traditional refresher towards the NCCP requirement.

All certifications (EMR, EMT, AEMT, and EMS-I) will be issued with a two-year expiration.

To recertify every 2 years, the applicant must have a minimum of 40 hours of CME:
50% national component = National EMS curriculum
25% local component = Sponsor Hospital/Organization curriculum
25% individual component = Any EMS related curriculum

There will be a total of 50 hours of Continuing Medical Education offered annually at Wolcott Volunteer Ambulance.

All 20 hours of National curriculum for the 50% needed will be offered twice a year.

The 10 hours needed for Local curriculum for the 25% will be offered once a year.

Date of ClassTime of ClassTopics of ClassesComponent
2/18/2020 1800-2000 TraumaNational
3/17/2020 1800-2000 CT Statewide Protocols Review/UpdatesLocal
4/14/2020 1800-2000 Local Stroke ProtocolsLocal
5/9/2020 1000-1600 MedicalNational
5/26/2020 1800-2000 Operations 1National
6/16/2020 1800-2000 Operations 2National
7/21/2020 1800-2000 Sepsis ProtocolLocal
8/8/2020 1000-1600 CardiologyNational
8/18/2020 1800-2000 Trauma ProtocolsLocal
9/15/2020 1800-2000 BLS PharmacologyLocal
10/6/2020 1800-2000 TraumaNational
10/27/2020 1800-2000 Ventilation/Oxygenation National
11/14/2020 1000-1600 Medial National
11/24/2020 1800-2000 Operations 1 National
12/22/2020 1800-2000 Operations 2 National

Topics of Discussion:

Cardiac Arrest
Post Resuscitation Care
(You may earn your BLS CPR Certification)
CNS Injuries
Bleeding Control
Special Needs
OB Emergencies
Infectious Disease
Pain Management
Psychiatric Emergencies
Neurological Emergencies
Endocrine Emergencies
Immunological Emergencies
Operations 1
At-risk populations
Ambulance Safety
Field Triage
Hygiene & Vaccinations
Culture of Safety
Operations 2
Pediatric Transport
Crew Resource Management
Role of Research
Evidence-based Guidelines

Classes are at a minimal charge (Free to Wolcott Ambulance Members)
For the weekday classes (1800-2000) the cost is: $10
For the weekend classes (1000-1600) the cost is: $30
If you need to also recertify your BLS provider CPR on one of the cardiology weekend classes, you will also need to pay for the recertification of your AHA BLS Provider CPR card: $20 extra

When choosing your class below please also pay for the course using the online payment option located below the signup form. Be careful to choose the correct option for payment.
Payment option 1: $10 for the 2-hour session
Payment option 2: $30 for the 6-hour session without AHA Certification
Payment option 3: $50 for the 6-hour session with AHA Recertification
(The AHA Recertification can only be done on Cardiology class days which are on 2/8/2020 & 8/8/2020)

To sign up for any of the classes listed above please fill out the form below. If you sign up for a class please ensure you will be there on time and for the entire duration to receive your CME credit. Also, there are a limited number of seats so please only sign up if you know you will be in attendance.

CME Cost

*Paypal charges a processing fee for all online payments. Above, if you chose to pay online, you will see an increased pay to compensate for the transaction fees that we must pay. To avoid paying transaction fees you can either send us a money order to P.O. Box 6066 Wolcott, CT 06716 or drop off cash or money order to 48 Todd. Rd Wolcott, CT between 9 am and 4 pm. We do not accept personal checks.