Chief Officers

Chief Bill Barratt, Paramedic

Assistant Chief Jay Skerritt, EMT

Deputy Chief Andrew Albert, EMT


Captain Matt Howard, Paramedic
Matt has been with the organization for 24 years.  He started in 1995 as a volunteer EMT.  He then rose through the ranks becoming a paramedic, Lieutenant, Captain and finally Deputy Chief.  Matt became the first full-time employee for Wolcott Ambulance in 2007.  For 12 years Matt worked as the full-time Deputy Chief.  This past September, Matt made a career change that required a change in role at WVAA.  He is now a Captain working nights as an Officer-in-Charge.  
Any questions for Matt please email matt.howard@wolcottambulance.com or call (203)-879-4122 EXT 121

Captain Paul Yeno, Paramedic

Captain Rachel Norville, Paramedic

Captain Mark Trompeter, Paramedic

Captain Peter Kaminski, Paramedic 



Director of Education, Lieutenant Justin Fortin , Paramedic

Lieutenant Dave Hunt, EMT

Lieutenant Cara Valenti, EMT
Cara Valenti is a Lieutenant with Wolcott Volunteer Ambulance. Cara started as an explorer in 2012. She earned her EMT Certification in 2014. Cara was promoted to Lieutenant in 2017. Cara has been a dedicated volunteer to the organization and was hired by Vintech Management Servies in 2016 as an EMT for Wolcott. Cara has been accepted to the University of Saint Joseph Physician Assistant Program and will be starting there in 2020.  
Any questions for Cara please email cara.valenti@wolcottambulance.com

Lieutenant Shawn Bernier, Paramedic

Board Members and Support Staff

Board Member Steve Savage

Board Member Dennis Cleary

Treasurer JoAnn Howard

Administrative Assistant Connie Schmiedecke